3D-Printed Tea Bag Holder

When readily available containers do not come in the desired form factor, 3D-printing can be quite useful. In this case, I wanted a tea bag holder that fit on a small ledge, allowed the tea bag labels to be read, and allowed the tea bags to be easily removed. Although there are some similar products available commercially that would fit the space, they either seemed a bit flimsy or looked to be a tight fit around the tea bags, which would make them more difficult to remove. Thus, I designed and 3D-printed a modular holder that can be stacked. The holder was printed out of PLA, and the design files are available.

Tea Bag Holder

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4 Responses to 3D-Printed Tea Bag Holder

  1. Neat, what tool did you use to create the design?

    I’ve been using OpenSCAD for knocking up some simple designs but I need to take the plunge and get something slightly more sophisticated (preferably open source).

  2. Jeff says:

    Funny, seems I am not the first to do that. My wife drinks a lot of green tea from Costco, and the slippery packages were always all over the place. I designed and printed her a holder that sits nicely on the shelf and holds a 2–3 weeks worth of tea bags. I’ve printed them in several colors for friends. With that project, I gained final approval for having bought a 3D printer.

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