Camp Workcoeman Website Redesign

I spent the last few weeks redesigning the Camp Workcoeman website. The site design is based on Bootstrap, without the jQuery components, and makes heavy use of SVGs. In addition, the header dynamically responds to the time of day—the sun’s out during the day, and the stars are out at night. Using SunCalc.js, it fairly accurately displays the sun and moon. Jekyll is used for templating and site generation.

New Site

Compare this to the old site, which was completely static HTML and Flash, making updates difficult.

Old Site

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2 Responses to Camp Workcoeman Website Redesign

  1. Larry says:

    Are you a Eagle Scout? Did you do this work for free or as a pay job? Who then adds new content to the site – the CT Rivers Council?

    • Matthew Petroff says:

      I am an Eagle Scout, and I did this work as a volunteer, although I’ve worked the past six summers at Workcoeman. I maintain the site; updates come through camp director Lou Seiser.

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