Map of Baltimore

Since living in Baltimore, I’ve wanted some sort of map of the city to hang on my wall. Unfortunately, I never found anything I liked. Something I did like is Stamen Design’s Toner maps. However, in its most easily available form, online map tiles, it is not well suited for high-resolution printing nor does it show the city limits. Fortunately, the style is open source. After cloning the repository, adding a rule to make an outline of Baltimore, rendering it to SVG, and clipping and editing the map with Inkscape, I was left with something I liked.

Map of Baltimore

A vector-based PDF version suitable for high-resolution printing is available here. The map data is copyright OpenStreetMap contributors under the ODbL. The map itself is CC BY-SA Stamen Design (and me). Here is a photo of the map on my wall. Feel free to get the PDF printed.

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