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Light Painting Wand

A digital light wand, used to paint images in long exposure photography, has been around for a few years, since the advent of cheap, controllable RGB LEDs. While there are freely available designs and code for such a device, I … Continue reading

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Peering Down

Two years ago, I took a large set of photos at the George Peabody Library. Among those were a very wide angle image looking up at the skylight and an image looking down. The latter was taken with a point-and-shoot … Continue reading

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Snowy JHU Aerial Photos

These photos were taken at Johns Hopkins’ Homewood Campus from a quadcopter the day after a snow storm.

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After stepping outside, I heard birds making lots of noise. As I was about to get in the car, I saw what they were concerned about; a hawk was perched on a street light. I got my camera and telephoto … Continue reading

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Saguaro National Park

I was in Tucson, Arizona this past weekend for the AIAA Design Build Fly competition. One can find photos from the competition on Flickr. While there, I visited Saguaro National Park one afternoon after the competition.

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