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OpenStreetMap Baltimore City Buildings and Addresses Import

Two years ago, I started trying to import building footprints and addresses provided by the City of Baltimore into OpenStreetMap but was held up by red tape and eventually gave up.1 The City provides building footprints and parcel data on … Continue reading

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Peering Down

Two years ago, I took a large set of photos at the George Peabody Library. Among those were a very wide angle image looking up at the skylight and an image looking down. The latter was taken with a point-and-shoot … Continue reading

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Map of Baltimore

Since living in Baltimore, I’ve wanted some sort of map of the city to hang on my wall. Unfortunately, I never found anything I liked. Something I did like is Stamen Design’s Toner maps. However, in its most easily available … Continue reading

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Blossoms in Baltimore

Due to the unseasonably warm weather this year, the trees are blossoming in March here in Baltimore. Flickr

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