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Google Photo Spheres

With the introduction of the Nexus 4, Google has added “Photo Sphere” support in Google+. Here’s an example. Google’s viewer could use some work, but as it’s a new feature, it should improve over time. Since the only thing that … Continue reading

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West Hill Pond Near-Infrared Timelapse

Over the summer, I shot a timelapse of West Hill Pond in near-infrared using my modified Canon PowerShot SD400 and CHDK. The background music is from the Open Goldberg Variations. Enjoy! Also on Vimeo.

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Storm over West Hill Pond

Last night, severe weather was forecasted in the West Hill Pond, New Hartford, Connecticut area. Fortunately, the worst of the storm never made it here. There was only a little rain and wind, but there was plenty of lightning.

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Cats and Catbirds

Last year, Blue Jays made a nest in the yew bush in the backyard. This year, Gray Catbirds made a nest in the same bush close to the where the Blue Jay nest was (don’t worry—the cat isn’t chasing the … Continue reading

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Last Moments of Blue Jay 3

After a number of previous successful test flights, Blue Jay 3 careened out of control with 1.75kg of payload, its wing snapped mid-flight, and it crashed into the ground at relatively high speed, splintering and cracking the fuselage. Fortunately, it … Continue reading

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