Pannellum 2.5

Pannellum 2.5 has now been released. As with Pannellum 2.4, this was a rather incremental release. The most noteworthy change is that equirectangular panoramas will now be automatically split into two textures if too big for a given device, which means images up to 8192 px across, covering all consumer panoramic cameras, now have widespread support. There has also been a significant improvement of the rendering quality on certain mobile devices (the fragment shaders now use highp precision), and support for partial panoramas has improved. Finally, there are an assortment of more minor improvements and bug fixes. See the changelog for full details. Pannellum also now has a Zenodo DOI (and a specific DOI for each new release).

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8 Responses to Pannellum 2.5

  1. Valerio says:

    Great Matthew! Can I contribute with a donation to support development?
    Valerio Rome IT

  2. Luke Chable says:

    Hey Matthew, firstly – Pannellum is amazing! Well done and thank you for making the web a better place :)

    Secondly, I can’t get ‘look around’ by moving your device around to work in Mobile Safari. Every other mobile browser works fine. Is there a trick here or a switch we could prompt the users to turn on?

    • Matthew Petroff says:

      Apple disabled device orientation events by default in iOS 12.2 due to privacy concerns, so they need to be manually enabled in settings. When iOS 13 is released, there will be an API for triggering a permissions prompt; I just added code for using this, but it’s untested. For more details, see:

  3. Jörgen says:

    Hi, I can’t get any equirectangular pictures displayed with Pannellum. It says always file cannot be accessed. Even in simple tutorial, when I add the URL of the picture, the same problem.
    What did I wrong?
    Any help?

    • Matthew Petroff says:

      Look at your browser’s developer tools. The console / network tab should tell you additional details. I suspect you have a CORS configuration issue.

      • Jörgen says:

        Hi Matthew, I tried it in Firefox and MS Edge. Both are not working. What is CORS?
        Can I send you the picture URL by PN or mail for testing?

        • Matthew Petroff says:

          Please show me the respect of doing a basic internet search before asking questions; if you had done so, you wouldn’t need to ask about CORS. As I said before, look at your browser’s developer tools.

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