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Solar Filter Holder

With a total solar eclipse in the continental United States coming up next month, I purchased a solar filter for my telephoto lens. Unfortunately, this OD 5.0 solar filter, which is required for safe optical viewing is much too dark … Continue reading

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Updated Camp Workcoeman Maps

Due to extensive trail work over the past two years, new maps of Camp Workcoeman were needed. Furthermore, the Connecticut statewide spring 2016 orthoimagery was recently released, provide a new data source for updating buildings and land cover. As with … Continue reading

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Pi-Tag Fiducial Marker Detector

Recently, I’ve been looking at various fiducial markers for computer vision applications. While some of these markers, such as AprilTags, have readily available reference implementations, others have no published code. While one of the markers I was looking at, Pi-Tags, … Continue reading

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Soldering OSD3358 System-in-Package

Although the OSD3358 system-in-package, the so-called BeagleBone on a Chip, is a BGA package, it turns out that it’s surprisingly easy to solder. Using a stencil, solder paste, and a hot plate, it ended up being easier to solder than … Continue reading

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Another Method of Digitizing Large Documents

A few years ago, I wrote about a method of using a modified scanner to scan large documents in segments. While this led to high quality results, it is a very slow and tedious process. More recently, I’ve had a … Continue reading

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