Pannellum 2.3

With eight months elapsed since the release of Pannellum 2.2, it was time to release a new version of Pannellum. Actually, the release was well past due considering the plethora of bugfixes since the previous release, but there was a bug blocking the release, and it took me a while to find time to fix it. Now that I fixed the bug, I was able to release Pannellum 2.3 today. The major new feature in the release is support for the device orientation API such that panoramas can be explored on mobile devices by moving the device itself; this involved adding some quaternion-based calculations to determine where the device was pointing and extending viewer roll support to the cubemap and multi-resolution renderers.1 The other area that saw considerable improvement was the API, with an events framework and numerous new methods added. However, the bulk of the changes were small, consisting of a number of minor improvements and dozens of bugfixes. For a more complete list of improvements, see the changelog.

  1. Roll was already supported in the equirectangular renderer to handle Ricoh Theta S images.  

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