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Scanner Modifications to Scan Large Documents

Your average consumer scanner works well for scanning normal printed or handwritten documents, usually anything up to Letter or A4 size. For something a bit larger, say Legal or Tabloid size, one can try to scan the document in segments, … Continue reading

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Finishing Google Summer of Code

I have now merged the second phase of my Google Summer of Code project, unit support improvements, into the Inkscape trunk. Back in April when I proposed this project, I thought refactoring Inkscape’s unit support would be the easier part … Continue reading

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Bug Fixes

I have devoted the past two weeks to fixing bugs in my viewBox based document unit implementation, deciding against implementing the object specific units I mentioned in my previous post. The most serious bug fixed was a bug that caused … Continue reading

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Document and Object Units

I have now implemented pages sizes using real world units as well as document units using a viewBox as described in my previous post. Although it is mostly working, there are a few known bugs when changing the document unit, … Continue reading

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